CNRS Senior Investigator (Directeur de Recherche)

Ph.D., University of Leipzig (Germany), 2004.

Main responsabilities

  • Deputy director of Laboratory Ecology and Biology of Interactions (UMR CNRS 7267 EBI)
  • Head of Team Ecology Evolution Symbiosis of UMR CNRS 7267 EBI
  • Principal Investigator (ATIP CNRS 2008-2010, ERC 2011-2015, ANR 2015-2020)
  • HDR, University of Poitiers, 2011
  • CNRS bronze medal, 2009

Research interests

Personal Website

Evolution of genetic factors involved in sex determination in the system terrestrial isopods/Wolbachia.

Evolution of transposable elements in prokaryotes and eukaryotes: transposition dynamics and impact on genomic plasticity.

Keywords: evolutionary genomics, molecular evolution, population genetics, transposable elements, endosymbionts, Wolbachia, sex determination, genomic plasticity.

Selected publications

  • Gilbert C., Chateigner A., Ernenwein L., Bézier A., Barbe V., Herniou E., Cordaux R. Population genomics supports baculoviruses as vectors of horizontal transfer of insect transposons. (2014) Nature Communications 5 : 3348.
  • Darby A.C., Armstrong S.D., Bah G.S., Kaur G., Hughes M.A., Kay S.M., Koldkjaer P., Rainbow L., Radford A.D., Blaxter M.L., Tanya V.N., Trees A.V., Cordaux R., Wastling J.M. & Makepeace B.L. (2012) Analysis of gene expression from the Wolbachia genome of a filarial nematode supports both metabolic and defensive roles within the symbiosis. Genome Research. 22, 2467-2477.
  • Cordaux R., Bouchon D. & Grève P. (2011) The impact of endosymbionts on the evolution of host sex-determination mechanisms. Trends in Genetics. 27, 332-341.
  • Leclercq S., Giraud I. & Cordaux R. (2011) Remarkable abundance and evolution of mobile group II introns in Wolbachia bacterial endosymbionts. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 28, 685-697.
  • Cordaux R. & Batzer M.A. (2009) The impact of retrotransposons on human genome evolution. Nature Reviews Genetics. 10, 691-703.
  • Cordaux R., Udit S., Batzer M.A. & Feschotte C. (2006) Birth of a primate chimeric gene by capture of the transposase gene from a mobile element. PNAS. 103, 8101-8106.

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