Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences)

Ph.D., University of Paris XIII (France), 1993.

Main responsabilities

  • Associate Dean for Educational affairs
  • Coordinator Master Erasmus-Mundus “European Master in Applied Ecology”

Research interests

Behavioral studies: do individuals infected by Wolbachia exhibit behavioral alterations? And to what extent do these modifications influence host mating strategies? Sexual behaviors, inter-individual recognition and activity indices are studied on the basis of behavioral ecology concepts.

Modelling/Simulations: a more theoretical approach using various (mathematically and/or computationally- oriented) modelling techniques is developed to predict the evolution of infected populations at different levels, e.g. about consequences on reproduction or at the level of genetic conflicts.

Keywords: Behavioral ecology, mating strategies, modelling.

Selected publications

1. Caubet Y. (1998) Individual life histories in terrestrial isopod populations: A simulation program. Israel J Zool. 44, 423-437.

2. Lefebvre F., Limousin M. & Caubet Y. (2000) Sexual dimorphism in the antennae of terrestrial isopods: a result of male contests or scramble competition? Can J Zool. 78, 1987-1993.

3. Caubet Y., Hatcher M.J., Mocquard J.-P. & Rigaud T. (2000) Genetic conflict and changes in heterogametic mechanisms of sex determination. J Evolution Biol. 13, 766-777.

4. Moreau J., Bertin A., Caubet Y. & Rigaud T. (2001) Sexual selection in an isopod with /Wolbachia/-induced sex reversal: males prefer real females. J Evolution Biol. 14, 388-394.

5. Moreau J., Seguin S., Caubet Y. & Rigaud T. (2002) Low re-mating and sperm competition patterns in a terrestrial crustacean. Anim Behav. 64, 569-577.


Tel : +33 (0)5 49 45 35 61

Fax : +33 (0)5 49 45 40 15

Email : yves.caubet@univ-poitiers.fr


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