PhD, Université de Toulouse, 1991

HDR, Université de Poitiers, 2000


– Responsible of the L2 Sciences du Vivant – Université de Poitiers
– Director of the Formation Unit L1-L2 – UFR Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées
– Member of the Specialized Experts Comity « Biocides » of ANSES

Main research fields

Understanding and control of the development of Legionella in water, biofilms and amoebae.
Legionella pneumophila is a waterborne Gram negative bacterium responsible for severe pneumonia called Legionnaire’s disease. Susceptible hosts are infected by inhalation of water droplets containing the bacteria. L. pneumophila is ubiquitously found in fresh water and can be found at high levels in man-made water systems such as air conditioners, cooling towers, spas, etc. L. pneumophila can survive and multiply within biofilms and free-living amoebae.
We are currently working on purification, structural characterization and study of the mode of action of anti-Legionella agents from microbial origin in order to develop new anti-Legionella water treatments.
Antibiofilm surfaces are elaborated by using chemical grafting of antimicrobial agents in order to develop safe materials for bio-medical applications such as catheters for example.
We are also studying the molecular and physiological factors which are involved in the implantation and growth of L. pneumophila within biofilms.


Legionella, biofilm, antimicrobien, peptide, surfaces

Représentative publications

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