Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Poitiers, 2009


– UE Scientic tools for Biologists, Licence 1 S VG

Research focus

Anti-Legionella activities and bacterial adaptation
Legionella pneumophila is a waterborne pathogenic bacterium responsible for severe pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. L. pneumophila can be found at high levels in man-made water systems such as air conditioning and cooling towers, spas, etc. These systems are mainly responsible for outbreaks as they might produce infected water droplets, which are inhaled. L. pneumophila reaches the lungs and multiplies within macrophages. In the environment, L. pneumophila is ubiquitously found in fresh water and could survive within biofilms and several protozoa, such as free-living amoebae. To fight against this bacterium, our team works on various natural anti-Legionella substances like peptides, lipopeptides or glycolipids. This research activity is mainly focus on mechanism of action and on bacterial adaptation in response to antimicrobial stress.
Keywords : antimicrobial peptides, bacterial virulence factors, anti-Legionella activities, recombinant proteins


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