Année 2002

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  3. J. MOREAU & T. RIGAUD, The Shape of Calcium Carbonate Deposits as an External Marker for Female Reproductive Status in Terrestrial Isopods, Journal of Crustacean Biology, 22, 353-356, 2002.
  4. M. A. JOHNSON, C. FERNANDEZ & G. PERGENT, The Ecological Importance of an Invertebrate Chemoautotrophic Symbiosis to Phanerogam Seagrass Beds, Bulletin of Marine Science, 71, 1343-1351, 2002.
  5. F. GRANDJEAN, M. FRELON RAIMOND & C. SOUTY GROSSET, Compilation of Molecular Data for the Phylogeny of the Genus Austropotamobius: One Species or Several?, Bulletin Francais De La Peche Et De La Pisciculture, 671-680, 2002.
  6. F. GRANDJEAN, D. BOUCHON & C. SOUTY GROSSET, Systematics of the European Endangered Crayfish Species Austropotamobius Pallipes (Decapoda : Astacidae) with a Re-Examination of the Status of Austropotamobius Berndhauseri, Journal of Crustacean Biology, 22, 677-681, 2002.
  7. N. GOUIN, C. SOUTY GROSSET, A. ROPIQUET & F. GRANDJEAN, High Dispersal Ability of Austropotamobius Pallipes Revealed by Microsatellite Markers in a French Brook, Bulletin Francais De La Peche Et De La Pisciculture, 681-689, 2002.
  8. M. FRELON RAIMOND, V. B. MEYER ROCHOW, A. UGOLINI & G. MARTIN, Intracerebral Ocelli in an Amphipod: Extraretinal Photoreceptors of the Sandhopper Talitrus Saltator (Crustacea, Amphipoda), Invertebrate Biology, 121, 73-78, 2002.


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