Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences)

Ph.D., University of Dijon (France), 1996.

Main responsabilities

  • Coordinator of first year of Master “Ecology and Population Biology” of the University of Poitiers
  • Member of various research and teaching committees of the Universities of Poitiers and Tours
  • Coordinator of project “Bacterial diversity and host immunocompetence” (funded by the University of Poitiers)

Research interests

The occurrence of bacteria in animal hemocytes experimentally or naturally infected asks the question of interactions existing between Wolbachia and host immune system:

  • How does Wolbachia get in hemocytes and how do they survive?
  • How does the host immune system recognize all types of bacterial antigenic factors?
  • Are hemocytes cellular vectors for the propagation of Wolbachia in all host tissues?

To answer these questions, I am characterizing the different factors involved in interactions between Wolbachia and the immune system, defining the modalities of these interactions along with the consequences on host immunocompetence. I am also involved in the following projects:

  • Phenotypic variability and bacterial density: role of the immune system and bacteriophage WO on bacterial density.
  • Coevolution and plasticity: distribution, diversity and specificity of bacteriophage WO within Wolbachia populations.

Keywords: immune response, immunocompetence, bacterial density, bacteriophage WO.

Selected publications

1. C. Braquart-Varnier, P. Grève, C. Félix and G. Martin (2005).” Bacteriophage WO in Wolbachia infecting terrestrial isopods”. BBRC (337) 580-585.

2. J. Herbinière, C. Braquart-Varnier, P. Grève, J-M. Strub, J. Frère., A. Van Dorsselaer and G. Martin (2005). “Armadillidin: a novel Glycine-rich antibacterial peptide directed against Gram-positive bacteria in the woodlouse Armadillidium vulgare (Terrestrial Isopod, Crustacean)”. Developmental and Comparative Immunology (29), 489-499.

3. P. Grève, C. Braquart-Varnier, J-M. Strub, C. Félix, A. Van Dorsselaer and G. Martin (2004). “The glycosylated androgenic hormone of the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber (Crustacea)”. General and Comparative Endocrinology (136), 389-397.

4. A. Lemoine, J. Mathelin, C. Braquart-Varnier, C. Everaerts. and J. Delachambre (2004). “Genomic organization and functional analysis of upstream and intronic sequences of an adult-specific cuticular protein gene from the beetle Tenebrio molitor” Insect Molecular Biology (13), 481-493.

5. C. Braquart-Varnier, C. Danesin, C. Clouscard-Martinato, E. Agius, N. Escalas, B. Benazeraf, X. Ai, C. Emerson, P. Cochard and C. Soula (2004). ”A substrative approach to characterize genes with regionalized expression in the gliogenic ventral neuroepithelium: identification of chick Sulfatase 1 as a new oligodendrocyte lineage gene”. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (25), 612-628.


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