The research of Team EES is conducted according to three major research themes:

Evolutionary impact of symbiosis

This research theme concerns the understanding of microorganism-mediated feminization and its biological implications at multiple analysis levels.

Keywords: sex determination, sexual differentiation, feminization, molecular interactions, symbiosis, Wolbachia, genomic plasticity, comparative genomics, evolutionary genetics.

Interactions in the holobiont

This research theme concerns the molecular dialogue and coevolution between the different partners within the holobiont (host, bacteria, viruses…).

Keywords: immunity, symbiosis, Wolbachia, invertebrates, host-parasite interactions, evolution, virulence factors, microbiota, hologenome, mobile genetic elements, horizontal transfer, mitogenomics.

Biodiversity and agrosystems

This research theme focuses on the evolution and functioning of biodiversity, particularly in the context of anthropized continental ecosystems.

Keywords: biodiversity, agricultural practices, bioindicators, heritage species, conservation, habitat quality, invasive species, behavioral ecology, ethology, chemical ecology, reproduction strategies, modelization, heterozygosity, kin selection, partner selection.